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Colonial Marine Corps

Extrasolar Colonization Administration – The Extrasolar Colonization Administration, or ECA, is the central organization through which the administration concerning the colonization of new planets is conducted.

Intersteller Commerce Commission – The Interstellar Commerce Commission (ICC) is the central organisation through which interstellar trade is conducted and monitored. All trade vessels and crewmembers are required to hold an ICC licence. The ICC is also responsible for enforcing quarantine procedures on all Earthbound cargo.

Hyperdyne Systems – Hyperdyne Systems was the corporation which pioneered the development of synthetic technology in the twenty-second century, such as the Hyperdyne Systems 120-A/2.

United Americas – The United Americas were formed in 2114 in response to the foundation of the Three World Empire and include both North, South and Central America. The United Kingdom would become part of the United Americas sometime in the late twenty-first century.

Three World Empire – The Three World Empire (or Third World Empire) was formed between 2108 and 2112 when the former United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland established settlements on Mars and Saturn’s moon Titan in the Sol system.


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