Aliens: Renewal


Not your Parents Earth...

Earth, 2185…

Governments have little power, replaced by Mega Corporations. The largest, Weyland-Yutani, controls the much of North America, Asia and Europe. They hold the purse strings for such projects as United Defense, Research & Development, and Space Exploration. The military arm of Weyland-Yutani is the Colonial Marine Corps, trained killers who are sent to settle new territories, quell rebellions, and counter-espionage.

Contact has been lost with a remote outpost known as LV-426 “Acheron”. A squad of marines have been dispatched to investigate why. Not enthusiastic with a single mission, corporate has deemed it appropriate to send a second, “back-up” team to monitor the first. Their mission to collect intel on the station and investigate grid reference 135468.684. Your squad has been chosen….

Welcome to the 132nd, aka the “Bushmasters".

Aliens colonial marines hd wallpapers



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